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On the afternoon of June 1st, at the Head Office of Sao Mai Group, Mr. Le Thanh Thuan - Chairman of the Board and members of the Board of Directors met and worked with the Vietnam Development Bank (VDB).

Mr. Le Thanh Thuan - President of Sao Mai Group

donated flowers to Mr. Dao Quang Truong - General Director of BDV

          Sharing business results with leaders of VDB, Mr. Le Thanh Thuan excitedly said that the business results in 2017 reached 10,100 billion, exceeding the target of turnover of 10,000 billion by 2020 set by the Board. Total profit after tax reached VND740 billion, higher than VND550 billion in 2016. The core sector is real estate and fisheries that contribute more than 80% of total profits.

In the year 2018, total revenue of the Group will be VND 12,000 billion and profit after tax of VND 1,000 billion. This will become reality and the Group will see the fulfillment of 2020 targets by 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

Memories between leaders of Sao Mai Group and BDV Board of Directors

Sao Mai Group has 16 member companies operating in the fields of real estate, seafood, food, tourism, construction, financial investment, clean energy and labor export. At present, the total equity of the Group is over VND 6,000 billion, total assets at market price of about 21,000 billion. Thanks to the healthy financial situation, stable business and prestige Sao Mai is very convenient in exploiting capital. These factors help the Group to smoothly execute many projects and provide a solid basis for successful implementation of future plans.

Congratulations to the strong development of Sao Mai Group, Mr. Dao Quang Truong - CEO of VDB expects to have a long-term connection with Sao Mai through the capital support with preferential interest rates of the Government in various fields: Solar and aquaculture exports. This will expand the catfish farming area and build a third factory to increase its capacity.

Phan Thanh Nghia

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