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Ranee oil has officially launched since 2014 and continued to gain premium quality with various new product such as: Ranee oil for kids, Ranee oil for pregnant women and elderly. Each of product is scientific firmly based and  committed with top quality. Ranee oil production is not only applied modern technologies but also strictly followed international food safety control standards and practices in order to bring safest taste to community health.

Production technology and procedures of each enterprise is always secret. Winning customers’ heart and appetite is combined effort of passion on researching and seeking for Ranee premium-quality products and warmest housewives’ hands to make beautiful daily dishes to families. The fantastic research works of Sao Mai Group in coordination with National Institute of Nutrition are highly recognized as “excavating the nutrition treasure of DHA from the charming Mekong River”.  

With 100 % extract from natural fish oil, Ranee is “warmly welcomed” and clearly seen as great benefits to human health. Moreover, Ranee oil also adds delicious and specific taste to different types of dishes, mixed vegetables and especially good for baby meals. All benefits are now in one handy product. What secret is hidden behind? What made a shining and gold-look, appropriately viscid and sweet-smelling formula? How to fully combine the most natural nutrition sources  to be able to make all food “flavor” awaked?

Modern oil refinement equipment used in Ranee Oil Plant

In Chau Thanh and Lai Vung districts, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap Province and Thot Not district, Can Tho City, the largest fish farm areas, Quality control staff have to take daily raw fish samples to ensure safest materials, eliminate sickly fish, sterilize farm areas to prevent germs in accordance with Global Good Agricultural Practices. The farm management program includes strict assurance from breed stock, aqua feed, water source and aquaculture raising milieu. For that reason, Ranee is not only proud of its high quality raw materials, closed production procedures and automatic production line, but also scientifically founded as well as warm concern and expertise from National Institute of Nutrition.  

Beside applying Global standards for farms and oil refining plants such as Standards ISO 9001, 22000 and FSSC 22000; the Research and Product Development Center of Sao Mai Group has continually worked to fully utilize the most natural nutrition of Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin A, E, and other minerals from fish oil even when cooked at high temperature. Housewives are very happy as Ranee oil products are truly natural based and contains of high nutrition.

Diversified Distribution Network for Customers’ arm reach

Furthermore, Ranee oil products have not only largely reached by domestic customers, but also been exported to Asian and Europe markets since 2015. Especially, distribution network of Ranee is strictly reviewed and selected in order to ensure storehouses to meet standards such as storage temperature and area criteria. In the context of increasing competition of consumer goods market, the initiative of Ranee natural fish oil is successful milestone and booster of Sao Mai branding to win customers’ souls and hearts.

So far, Ranee oil products have been recently available at supermarkets, core markets, and showrooms of Ranee oil refining plant area, Sao Mai industrial zone, Long Xuyen city, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Northern provinces in efforts of expanding the products to customers arm reach. Families thus now easily buy authentic Ranne at these locations. Convincingly, Sao Mai Group has been contributing to people’s daily diet and health. This is also the persevering contribution, dedication and commitment of Sao Mai to bring communities best quality products during 20-years establishing and growing. That firm foundation has in return powerfully built up the Prestige of Sao Mai Group.

Article and Photo: Kim Oanh

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