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As an eternal law, spring always brings a lot of vitality after Freezing Days. Spring is always fresh with the green buds, vibrant colors and the spring soul and spirit. "Everyone always wants to welcome warm spring in the new home with luxury amenities, living space fresh after a year of hard work on Tet holiday. To meet the aspirations of modern living, Sao Mai Group has "blew soul" into the project KDC East of National Highway 1A, area A (Ca Mau) became a wonderful new city, new fresh living space and peaceful promises a high quality living, the most peaceful place to rest, entertain for every resident.

New urban brings spring sun

In the spring of 2018, Ca Mau residents will welcome Spring in new joyfulness, with Nhat Hong new urban. From the isolated and deserted urban, Sao Mai Group has spent a trillion VND to turn Nhut Hong into an attractive "spring girl" with luxury facilities, modern infrastructure.

Nhut Hong new urban with a green cool park

With a mission as the leader in real estate development in the West, Sao Mai Group has a well-known brand in the domestic and foreign markets. Sao Mai Group understands its responsibilities to the projects, so Sao Mai carefully pay attention to the quality of human life as well as the modern design style. Nhat Hong through Sao Mai's "magic chopsticks" has become the highlight of the real estate market in the New Year, orienting a new peaceful life for Dat Mui’s people.

Nhat Hong new urban is located in the city center, near People's Committee of Ca Mau province, on the stretch of Le Hong Phong street and ring road, near the market and Ca Mau airport. This new urban is important in connecting land and air, contributing to accelerate the "urbanization" of Ca Mau and surrounding areas. Nhut Hong with complete infrastructure, traffic, electricity, water, smooth communication will ensure the best living conditions for residents. With these "golden points", Nhut Hong new urban is considered to have great potential to develop and increase the value to the community.

Nhat Hong has brought warm spring sun to shine Ca Mau land, pushed back desert, reeds in order to help grasses and flowers bloom; spring sunshine arouses people vitality in the region, starting up the determination to renew themselves as the buds ready to move up in the spring sunshine.

Peaceful place to enjoy the whole spring

In warm spring weather we are present at Nhut Hong new urban, from the bright red remote gate as the spring girl spring is smiling happily to welcome us. Nhat Hong is a complex city, full of attractive elements, ecological landscape, a landscape architecture planning very strange, specially, it is designed on the internal basic with green trees, garden, large lake, soft winding and lively to become the living lung for urban, creating fresh air and cool environment.

Nhut Hong has nearly 60 hectares of residential land, 100% of which are classified into townhouses, villas, resettlement land, social housing land, commercial land, public works and the road system in excess of the park layout park green trees with quiet strolls on both sides. Each subdivision will meet each client with different financial resources and preferences. Every facility in new urban is designed throughout, harmonious combination with nature, including a variety of modern and diverse, serving all living needs from essential to high-end of the people: Shopping, eating, drinking with supermarkets, restaurants, five-star hotel complex; Entertainment facilities include cultural centers, clubs, complex sports, swimming pools, children's theme parks ...; In education, there are schools at all levels.

Nhut Hong has touched the beauty of nature at the estuary, where crystallized green space - clean - beautiful environmentally friendly, creating a real luxurious sense. This place has full of prospects and potential, is realized in a strategic way, making the southern land become an ideal destination for all citizens in and outside Ca Mau province.

Sao Mai Group brought "Nhut Hong Spring" to the farthest land of the country and gave the people the opportunity to "change their lives" and orient their new lives; bringing the life in the direction of ecology, green park system brings fresh air, airy space is the place to go after the hours of living in life.

Xuan Hong

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