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Instead of “devoting” for the business strategic plan implementation as agreed in the Shareholders’ meeting Resolution, the former Director board and shareholders had only nurtured their illusion of good stocks and shares. An Giang Tourimex had thus been plunging into the deep sleep for a long time. Talents and creative dynamism of the corporation’s workforce had also burned in many years. Until Sao Mai Group has stepped in and owned An Giang Tourimex, Restructuring plan has absolutely enforced.  

The Significant and Speedy Change.  

While the dedicated workforce were struggling to earn for their livings with very poor incomes, the rest haft leisured just steadily received their salary from the depleted wage fund. It is too hard to accept that the director board left this situation in a long time after privatization under Government policies. Conscious of that situation, speedy changes in director board member structure is tough but still been carried out proactively.

«Restructuring the 16th Member of Sao Mai Group is firstly carried out by isolating conservative and individualistic members and replaced with young, dedicated, dynamic and qualified ones to be able to undertake the workload. Develop the systematic and communicative connection from leaders to staff and among departments to unify the strong team. Review and rearrange personnel and strengthen their capacity and skills for more productive works » Confirms, The Chairman of Sao Mai Group, at extraordinary shareholders’conference in early August this year .

In a humane and sincere manner, Sao Mai Group has dispelled apprehension, avoided psychologically disorder of existing staff to smoothly continue the business. Clearly seen, Sao Mai has made an appropriate choice to resuscitate An Giang Tourimex. That decision is obviously be made by an experienced Leader with firm skills and strong spirits.

So far, in more than 6 passing months owned by Sao Mai Group, An Giang Tourimex has made significant primary changes. Otherwise, neglectful and old thought seems still an obstructions of the 38-years-brading An Giang Tourimex, in the context of modern tourism industry development. The immediate changes in members of the director board is a resolute decision to meet the speedy demands of digital and professional tourism industry development.

New Human Resources, New Strategies

Sao Mai Group has decided to separate the two-unrelated business sectors, which are Rice Export and Tourism services in order to manage and stabilize  them more efficiently. These two are now Tourism Join Stock Company and Food Export Company.

In the food exporting market uncertainties, it is vital to abolish the outmoded business strategies and guidelines . The new team and management board is working under current new guidelines. Furthermore, Sao Mai will liquidate and auction fixed assets and carry out stock clearance to return and invest the capital in more feasible projects. Hence, the cash flow will be more quickly and effectively rotated.

Besides, for Tourism sector, Sao Mai Group will strengthen An Giang Tourimex in term of organization structure by suffocating and merging inefficient departments and units. On one hand, The company will continue to expand tourism  market share, attract more various customers as well as establish sustainable partnerships. In parallel, with the financial and technical support from Sao Mai Group, more investments in major projects will hopefully create breakthroughs and truly turn An Giang Tourimex into a New Brighter Chapter.

In financial years of 2017 – 2020, Sao Mai Group will invest more than 1000 billions VND to implement the Renovation of Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel up to four-stars hotel ranking, construct the Five-Star Floating Resort, upgrade Dong Xuyen hotel and Long Xuyen-Cuu Long Hotel clusters, develop the master planning and fully embellish work items in Tuc Dup Hill, strengthen An Giang Travel Agency. Furthermore, Sao Mai will construct new five-stars hotel in Long Xuyen city, develop planning for Thien Canh Son Resort in Tinh Bien district, Tra Su Cajuput Forest and Le King Resort in Thanh Hoa province.

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