History of Establishment and Development

Since 1988

Sao Mai Group - formerly named An Giang Architecture Joint Venture Company


Key employees separated the company and established An Giang Construction Joint Stock Company. This was a non - state enterprise with the First Party Cell of the country.
Sao Mai mainly operated in construction and installation works in the western and southeastern provinces and then expanded to the Central Highlands and the whole country, became the leading bird in the construction and installation works of An Gaing province as well as a “well – known” contractor in the Mekong Delta area.


Catching the trend, Sao Mai rapidly invested in the field of real estate and services. Until now, the Group has owned hundreds of real estate projects, construction works and urban models throughout the country, with a total investment of more than tens billion VND, actively contributed to promote the process of urbanization, modernization of the country and bettered people’s living.


From the field of real estate business, Sao Mai determined to implement the strategy to become a multidisciplinary group in the new field of "Aquaculture, processing and exporting aquatic products".
In 2003, the International Development & Investment Corporation, shortly called IDI was born. This is one of the largest pangasius export processing companies in Vietnam and a reliable supplier of pangasius products in the World Market. Up to now, IDI has brought Vietnam's pangasius “taking off” to hundreds of countries and territories around the world, established the relationships with nearly 100 customer partners in all continents.


With the business objective "Bringing the Mekong flavor to the world", in 2007, Vam Cong ten - hectare industrial complex was founded in Dong Thap province. At present, there are different kinds of factories in this industrial area such as frozen fish processing factory with a capacity of 600 tons per day, fish meal and fish fat processing factory with a capacity of 300 tons per day and refining fish oil factory with a capacity of 200 tons / day.
Participating in the field of seafood , Sao Mai was one of the TOP 10 largest Pangasius exporters in Vietnam and is a trustworthy fish fat producer in the region.


Sao Mai strategically co-operated with Vietnamese scientists and the leading European Technology Group to successfully "extract" high-ranking oil Ranee, the fatty oil which derived from catfish, first appeared in the world, recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition.
The high-grade cooking oil Ranee created the national hit in seafood industry, opened the new consumer market which flourished oil products derived from animal fats.


The biggest aqua-feed factory in the area was started, located in Sao Mai industrial park with the capacity of 360,000 tons per year with the total investment capital of over 750 billion VND.
At the same time, the Group also inaugurated the second seafood processing factory with the investment capital of more than 500 billion VND, raised the total processing capacity of both factories 1 and 2 to 600 tons of raw material per day.


In the period of three years from 2013 to 2016, the Group has completely managed and controlled three tourism companies: Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company, Phu Hung - Phu Quoc Tourist Joint Stock Company and recently An Giang Tourist Joint Stock Company (The sixteenth member of Sao Mai Group). In the year of 2016, Sao Mai expanded into clean energy, pioneeringly exploited the solar energy treasure in Vietnam. The investment procedures of two solar power projects in An Giang with a total capacity over 340MW were being completed and implemented the subsequent projects in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. When the factory first operates in 2018, Sao Mai will become the largest solar power selling unit to EVN.


Lately on 2-3-2017, Sao Mai Group formally held a ceremony to celebrate: Sao Mai "Happy The 20’s”, marked 20 years of the Group’s formation and development with the witness of nearly 8,000 staffs - officers of 16 member companies and many guests. From now on, the Sao Mai boat will further strengthen with new business plans and strategies, affirm its position in the international market..